With more than 2,500 employees, over 20 companies in 12 different countries and a widespread presence throughout, its markets we help transform the economic and social fabric, thanks to the passion and expertise of our people. 

Corporate Academy

Knowledge is at the heart of our work. That is why training is essential to the development of the Group, which innovates its skills and increases its competitiveness by making people grow. Tinexta Corporate Academy is a place of learning, physical and virtual, dedicated to everyone, which represents the evolution of traditional corporate training activities. It was created to foster leadership development, enhance managerial skills and improve business mastery in all of Tinexta’s companies, thus helping to strengthen the Group's culture and identity while generating value.

“In the next three years, the Group will continue to make sustainable growth choices, promoting integration and the search for synergies within the Group and enhancing human capital and innovation skills. This includes the promotion of new strategic initiatives across the Group's business units such as the "Open Innovation" and "Corporate Academy" projects”.

Andrea ChevallardCEO