Our mission is to push the frontier of innovation further and further, capturing the most advanced ideas and keeping up with emerging phenomena.
That is why, with our Open Innovation program, we have decided to make the resources and distinctive skills of our companies available to startups and innovative entrepreneurial projects. To support the development of new digital services and solutions in the areas of digital certification, cybersecurity, innovation and business development. And launch increasingly competitive, efficient and sustainable tools and strategies. The program is promoted in collaboration with Infocamere, with the support of Primo Digital Venture Capital Fund and O2e Srl.

“The Open Innovation program represents an opportunity for Tinexta to capture innovation and talent from the startup world, thus supporting the growth of the most dynamic entrepreneurial realities, and thus confirming the Group's ability to strengthen the economic and social fabric of our country in many different ways”.


Silvia PiersimoniHead of M&A Tinexta Group

Quality and solidity

We accompany innovative business projects along a path that ensures the quality and soundness of the selected ideas, and their actual possibility to innovate and last.

  • We make a preliminary selection of candidate SMEs and start-ups
  • We assess the areas of interest and then companies of the Group that can accommodate the candidate projects
  • We do qualitative in-depth sessions and discussions between startup founders and the management of Tinexta companies
  • We evaluate collaboration paths and financial requirements for potential investment
  • We experiment with technologies through proof of concept and lab tests
  • We present candidate projects to the committee for investment approval

Rigorous selection

Candidate projects go through a rigorous selection process by which we evaluate:

  • The existence of an MVP (minimum viable product)
  • The technical validity of the solution
  • The solidity of the business model
  • The credibility of the founding team
  • The size of the target market
  • The sustainability parameters

Integral support

Selected startups are supported at all stages of their entrepreneurial consolidation until their idea is fully developed.

  • Definition of market strategy
  • Access to business know-how
  • Access to sales channels
  • Visibility through co-branding campaigns
  • Development of the most suitable business collaboration model to accelerate business growth
The program also provides selected companies with the opportunity to establish business partnerships or have access to funds and resources through equity or semi-equity transactions with the Tinexta Group companies, Infocamere, and the Primo Digital Fund.