Tinexta Cyber

Digital security is a priority today. For citizens and institutions who must be guaranteed secure access to services and protection of their sensitive information. For companies for whom data and information represent a strategic asset, on which their ability to compete and grow depends. 

The companies Corvallis, Yoroi and Swascan form Tinexta Cyber, one of the most important Italian cybersecurity hubs

With their services developed in Italy and aligned with EU standards on data residency, data protection and GDPR, the three companies ensure security in the digital transformation processes of companies and the country system. They offer assessment and advisory services, taking care of the design, development and integration of solutions, operating control and management activities on behalf of clients and intervening to anticipate, block and resolve risk situations.

The distinguishing features:


  • 30+ Years of recognized market experience     
    Each company contributes with its own vertical and specialized expertise, gained over decades in the cyber field and recognized by market players.


  • Proprietary assets and in-house developments
    The company brings to the market proprietary solutions and products that address the need for digital sovereignty, one of the cornerstones in the complex geopolitical digital framework.


  • The institutional footprint
    Through the institutional matrix represented by the participation of Chambers of Commerce, Tinexta Cyber aims to secure critical public and private sector infrastructure and enable digital transition by mitigating cyber risk.


  • Strategic approach to cybersecurity
    The potential of the Pole's technology is enhanced by its strategic view of cyber risk.


  • Italian player serving specific market needs
    From the large enterprise, to SMEs and professionals, the Cyber Cluster is committed to bridge the gap in security, a necessary step for digital transition.