certificazione qualità

In order to pursue the objectives of growth and development of the Group's business, Tinexta S.p.A., exercising the management and coordination activity as a holding company, has started a path of centralization of some operational activities at the service of the Subsidiaries that aim to ensure the consolidation of business support functions, the strengthening of related skills and the dissemination of operational and organizational best practices.

In this context, Tinexta S.p.A, itself, has therefore decided to adopt a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 for the processes of "Planning and provision to Companies part of the Group of Services related to Personnel Management and Administration and Purchasing Management" by means of which it intends to achieve the following strategic objectives identified by the Management:

  • Increase the added value of business support activities centrally managed by the Parent Company for the benefit of its Subsidiaries, in terms of higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency;

  • Enhance the Group's human resources, ensuring the development of their skills in order to help design, develop, produce, and provide goods and services that aim to increasingly meet the needs and expectations of the market and promote their growth, awareness, and sense of belonging to a strong and cohesive team; and finally;

  • Orient business processes and activities toward continuous improvement and internal customer satisfaction, evaluating business results and decisions based on factual data provided by Management System indicators as well as directly from feedback from such customers.

  • Meet the requirements applicable to the business processes and services provided, in consideration of applicable regulations and laws and internal customer specifications.