The Company certifies that it complies with the provisions of the TUF on corporate governance, as well as adheres to the Corporate Governance Code by adopting the resolutions required for this purpose.

In particular, in order to bring its corporate governance system in line with the applicable regulations, the adoption of new bylaws, which will come into effect as of the Trading Starting Date, was submitted to the Issuer's Shareholders' Meeting of May 31, 2016 for review and approval, among other things, in order to adapt the corporate governance system of Tecnoinvestments to the legal rules applicable to companies with financial instruments admitted to trading on a regulated market as well as to the principles contained in the Corporate Governance Code and the provisions of the Stock Exchange Regulations for the MTA - STAR Segment (the "Post Listing Bylaws").

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association are the act containing the operating rules of the Company which completes the legal framework. During the life of the Company, the Bylaws may be amended, as a rule, by the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting and only in specific cases by the Board of Directors.
The amendments become effective from the moment the relative resolution is registered in the Corporate Register.


Code of Ethics

We have adopted our own Code of Ethics and Conduct which sets out the moral and professional values and standards by which we are guided.
Through this Code we intend to guide and regulate internal and external relations, to ensure unequivocal behavior and preserve the company's reputation.
Through a system of internal control we ensure compliance with laws and company procedures.
We entrust all members of our community with the responsibility to perform their professional duties following criteria of fairness, transparency and objectivity.

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Shareholders' Meeting Regulation

The Meeting Regulations ensure the orderly conduct of the meetings, respecting the right of every member to ask for clarification of the matters under discussion, express their opinion and make proposals.