With our Business Units we are among the leading players in three market areas: Digital Trust, Cyber Security and Business Innovation. Thanks to the integration among our companies and the synergies these are able to generate, Tinexta can provide effective answers to all digital transformation needs, innovating processes and growing business. 

Tinexta Digital Trust provides citizens, professionals, institutions and businesses - from large industrial and financial groups to small and medium-sized enterprises - with products and services for sustainable digitization aligned to the best market standards. Digital Trust professionals design solutions that add value to any business process, always ensuring compliance with national and international regulations in every sector and country. 

Tinexta Cyber constitutes one of the most important national hubs in the cybersecurity sector, offering services and consulting for the secure digitalization of processes and the protection of data and information of client companies. 

Tinexta Business Innovation guides companies through their innovation, digital and green transition, as well as business development and production efficiency projects, supporting business expansion through internationalization and digital marketing services.