Defense belongs to humans

Yoroi - named after the Japanese Samurai's armor - is an Italian strategic consulting firm that operates in the world of cybersecurity, developing and managing Adaptive and Dynamic Integrated Cyber Defense Systems.

To protect the IT infrastructures of large and medium-sized Italian companies, in key sectors of the economy such as banking, automotive, manufacturing and luxury, Yoroi focuses on the balance between the three fundamental phases of cyber risk management: prediction, prevention and reaction.

Yoroi has brought together and incorporated the 20-year experience of market pioneers, Emaze and Mediaservice, and the ability to always be on the frontier of cutting-edge technological innovation of its CEO Marco Ramilli and his development teams.

"Defense belongs to humans," the company's slogan, best represents the methodology of a company that puts expert analysts at the center of its business. Thanks to its expertise, strategy and a vision that considers the human factor the key to cyber defense, Yoroi plays a leading role in the cyber sector in Italy. The experience accumulated over the years thanks to a large number of clients, the daily knowledge and experience shared amongst the teams in offensive, defense, development, governance, compliance and incident response, allow Yoroi to best protect its clients, with full awareness of their real priorities and business models.

In 2019, with the aim of optimizing its clients' investments and ensuring that they have the highest level of cybersecurity, Yoroi has merged and incorporated the 20 years of experience of Emaze and Mediaservice, pioneers in the cybersecurity industry, and its own ability to stay at the forefront of the technological innovation frontier.

Yoroi has obtained international recognition for excellence such as its Threat Intelligence and Sandboxes -included by Google in the Virus Total project- the Defense Center, and CERT - Computer Emergency Response Team - the latter admitted to the prestigious European circuit "Trusted Introducer" of which the most important CERTs of each nation are part and the only one in Italy to have achieved the third and highest degree of certification within the network.